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Subscription and Other Fees


    Old Fees New Fees

1 Students Registration

GHS 50 GHS 200

2 Examinations:

(a) Professionals   GHS 150 GHS 200
(b) Final Levels 1 and 2   GHS 200 GHS 200
(c) Exemption fee   GHS 150 GHS 200
(d) Transcript/Attestation/Reference check     GHS 150
(e) Remarking Fee   GHS 750 GHS 3100

3. Members:

(a) Membership application fee   GHS 100 GHS 300
(b) Membership orientation & induction fee   GHS 1,000 GHS 2,000

4. Subscriptions (Individuals)

(i) Fellows up to 59years     GHS 700
(ii) Practicing Members   GHS 450 GHS 500
(iii) Fellows 60-65 years in Practice     GHS 700
(iv) Hon. Fellows   GHS 300 GHS 500
(v) Associate members     GHS 250
(vi) Retirees; (Not in Practice)      
--Fellows aged 60 to 65 years     GHS 300
--Members aged 60 to 65 years   GHS 50 GHS 100
--Fellows & Members 66 to 70 years   GHS 50 GHS 100
--Fellows & members 71years and above   GHS 50 N/A
Subscriptions (Tax Practice Firm Registration)      
--Category A     GHS 10,000
--Category B     GHS 7,500
--Category C     GHS 5,000
--Category D     GHS 2,500

5. Accreditation fees to Institutions:

--Government     GHS 25,000
--Private     GHS 15,000
--Private (small)     GHS 10,000
(i) Members aged 71 and above can attend all functions and activities including ATC free of charge.
(ii) Categorisations of the firms were done using that of ICA(G).
(iii) Effective January 2020.

 Payment can be made through the following:

Bank: ECO Bank
Accounts No:0010264472743001
Accounts Name: Chartered Institute of Taxation, Ghana
Branch: Head Office, Accra 


Bank: Standard Chartered Bank Ltd
Accounts No:0100113743400
Accounts Name: Chartered Institute of Taxation, Ghana
Branch: Liberia Road, Accra


Mobile Money Number: 0548409571
Account Name: Chartered Institute of Taxation, Ghana